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My Thoughts on Pre-Workout Supplements


When I first starting lifting, I was still very new to world of pre-workout supplements. My younger brother on the other hand was all about it, and would use some of the heavy hitters like Super Pump, N.O.Xplode, etc. So, I was curious and like the nutrition nerd that I am, I began to do research, and A LOT of it. My favorite starting place: They have a great pre-workout article here, and supplement forums (#ftw).

The right pre-workout supplements can boost your strength, endurance, focus, and muscle pump.  I personally work out early in the mornings before work (5AM), so I was definitely looking for something that would give me the right amount of energy and endurance to push through my workouts. The two things I went back and forth on the most (in terms of ingredients within pre-workouts) were:

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P90X Phase 1 Complete!


As promised, I want to write about my progress through the P90X Program. On Sunday, I completed Phase 1 of the program! I still feel the same way as I did after completing week 1: I LOVE it!  I love lifting, and I can tell I am a lot stronger after the first phase. Here is a brief snapshot of my progress (I picked a few exercises from the various muscle groups):

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My Very First Juicing Experience!


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A few weeks back, I finally watched a documentary that I had heard a lot about: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, where Joe Cross has us follow him on a journey to improve his overall health through a juicing diet for 90 days (while being monitored by a healthcare provider).  The documentary is amazing and inspirational! I definitely recommend watching it (you can currently watch it for free, using the link above).

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Adding a Twist to a Morning Run

Why I run

This past Sunday I woke up and had this urge to go for a run. As the weather has been improving, the thought of reintroducing my afternoon runs has been bugging me – but I’ll admit, I have been afraid/discouraged because of the patellar tendonitis I developed after running my first marathon this past January :[.  However, this past Sunday, even though the weather was crummy, I woke up and told myself “I am not going to be afraid anymore, I am going out for a run and I am going to love it!” So I did, and it was amazing :].

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