Adding a Twist to a Morning Run

Why I run

This past Sunday I woke up and had this urge to go for a run. As the weather has been improving, the thought of reintroducing my afternoon runs has been bugging me – but I’ll admit, I have been afraid/discouraged because of the patellar tendonitis I developed after running my first marathon this past January :[.  However, this past Sunday, even though the weather was crummy, I woke up and told myself “I am not going to be afraid anymore, I am going out for a run and I am going to love it!” So I did, and it was amazing :].

As I was running through my neighborhood in my awesome Lululemon outfit (“Hi my name is Sami, and I am a lulu addict” lol), I felt amazing, free, and was happy – just like I always felt when I used to go on runs (pre-marathon).  I was so pumped, I even threw in some calisthenics.  I threw in sprints, side steps, high knees and lunges with a knee raise.  It was an amazing workout, and I felt like a million bucks after my workout (whoa Tony Horton is rubbing off on me lol).

Here is a breakdown of what I did, I recommend it to anyone who wants to add a nice twist to any run:

1. Warm-up (walk/slow jog) for 5 minutes

2. Run (medium intensity / race pace) for 10 minutes

3. 5 side steps each side X 3

4. 10 high knees and immediately sprint for about 10-20 yards (depending on your fitness level)

5. Jog (back to a slow jog to bring down your heart rate) for about 5-10 minutes

6. 20 lunges with a knee raise

7. Jog (back to a slow jog to bring down heart rate) for about 5 minutes

8. Repeat! Mix it up, throw in some push ups, have fun with it! :]  Variety is key to a fun workout!

In good health,


P.S. I felt no knee pain whatsoever during this run/workout. I am happy to announce that I am going to add running back into my life :]. My goal is to sign up for a half marathon this year (would be #7), and continue to run half marathons until my body says enough :].

running trains me to keep going

4 thoughts on “Adding a Twist to a Morning Run

  1. Shekea @jesus_be_a

    Congrats on a successful, pain-free run! So happy for you getting back to one of your loves! “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch (aka Shekea)”!

  2. MM

    Good stuff on the work out… you should consider adding in some burpees and/or push-ups…. 3 X 15 sets

    Also, Shekea should be riding her bike her husband bought her…. lol

    1. surquidi Post author

      oooo burpees!!! great idea! Also, yes I agree she should definitely be riding her bike! hahah any form of physical exercise really 😉 haha <3 you SM! 🙂


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