Happy New Year and My Thoughts on Resolutions! :)


Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s eve – whether you spent it partying (and had some of these moments: Monkeys2) #no judgement, or relaxing with family/loved ones, or even alone :]

The new year is always a very exciting time as everyone prepare’s to better themselves one way or another, set new goals, and view it as a fresh start.

My resolution for the last few years has always been simple: “be happy”.  This past year, as I have worked on growing spiritually and mentally, I started to realize that I don’t ever need to wait for a new year to set goals for myself, or better myself, instead I feel much more fulfilled by constantly setting goals for myself, and having compassion for myself when I meet those goals, and more importantly when I don’t (and giving myself kudos for trying :]). Don’t get me wrong, as a perfectionist (still workin’ on that!)  this can be extremely difficult, but sometimes you just need to practice compassion for yourself, and eventually it’ll become a natural reaction and a core belief.  I also believe that when you encounter challenges, sometimes you just need a little faith and sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it (check out the TED talk in this link, it is absolutely one of my faves)

So for this new year, I invite you to set “resolutions” for yourself throughout the entire year – it’ll be fun, I promise! And also, most importantly, to enjoy it, whether you succeed or not, you have done your best, and when you least expect it you will have accomplished amazing things :]

My most recent resolution has been to “own my weirdness” :]. I love that statement. It’s basically about owning your individuality, but said in a more fun way :P. Everyone is unique, weirdness is a perception, so own it 😉


Now I leave you with one of my favorite verses (I recite this every time I am about to face a challenge), and some inspiring word’s from Gandhi:verse


Let’s have an amazing 2014 folks! And be grateful for every day the sun rises :]


One thought on “Happy New Year and My Thoughts on Resolutions! :)

  1. Shekea @jesus_be_a

    I love this…thanks Sami! You are so right…we don’t need to wait for a new year to set new resolutions or goals…and don’t have to limit ourselves to a time frame to change where we stand. I’m excited to see you embrace your weirdness and embark on/walk through the happiest season of your life! XO!


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