My “Almost” Vegan BodyBuilding Adventure


I wanted to start my first official blog post with a recent nutrition adventure I have been on.  For the last couple months or so, I have been experimenting with being an “almost” vegan.  I considered being a “full” vegan, however, the hardest thing for me was the thought of giving up eggs! Dairy, Meat, Chicken, Seafood – no problem. But eggs??? I use egg whites in all my baking, I love making omelettes, I LOVE sunny side up eggs, etc. etc.  I struggled with this for a little bit, then decided “you know what, I am going to do what’s best for me, and if that means being an “almost” vegan, then so be it :]”.

Thus my “almost” vegan adventure began – and I have LOVED it.  I have discovered so many recipes (which I will be sharing soon :]), new vegetables and fruits and amazing superfoods (more posts about these too :]), and I have had a blast doing it.  Not to mention it has done wonders for me health wise – I feel more energetic, my skin is clearer, lost a few pounds, etc.

So about a month into my almost vegan diet, and having completed Month 1 of Insanity (another blog post coming soon on my Insanity experience – hint: i LOVE it lol) I decided that I wanted to build more muscle tone and lean out a bit (similar to what I had done when I completed the Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer (granted – on a full-fledged omnivore diet), for which I had AMAZING results), however, when I looked at my nutrient macros, I was like “yea that’s not happening”. I was currently eating about 60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat…not the best breakdown to build lean muscle ;). So I used good ol’ google, found some sites, some blog posts with some meal examples – but nothing with a detailed “nutrition plan” similar to what they had for the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer.  Needless to say I was frustrated – “can I not find an easy go-to guide for building lean muscle on a vegan diet???”. Then it hit me, the answer was simple – “make one myself”. So I did!

I made this awesome spreadsheet that would help calculate best macros (you should always adjust these, as you gain/lose weight – need to make sure you are always eating enough!), and tons of meal options, a template to create weekly meal plans, etc. etc.  Here are some snapshots:

VeganBodyBuildingPlan Spreadsheet3

So now I have completed my first week on this new “almost vegan” bodybuilding nutrition plan, and I am loving it.  My current goals are to build lean muscle, so I am using the following macros : 45-50% protein, 30-35% carbs, 15-20% fat, and so far I have been meeting these pretty well :] (all thanks to my spreadsheet!) As I continue on this quest, I will continue to share my experiences, examples of my meal prepping, and…of course my results! (Let’s see if this crazy plan of mine works! lol)


P.S. I do not plan on sharing my spreadsheet, mainly because I am still working through some kinks as I work through this “almost vegan” body building plan – it is still constantly evolving. However, if you have any questions, need some sample vegan meal examples, etc. please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the comments below, and I will contact you!

4 thoughts on “My “Almost” Vegan BodyBuilding Adventure

  1. Shekea @jesus_be_a

    Congratulations on the launch and your almost vegan adventure! I am so thrilled to follow along and be taught by someone who has so much passion for nutrition and care for others. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you!

  2. Jesse

    Congrats Samantha! Site looks awesome, I will definitely be following and hopefully with your wisdom I will learn a few things and improve my overall fitness/nutrition!

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  4. Sildena

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