Insanity – “I’m smiling because I love it”


As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been following the Insanity Beachbody program as my primary workout regimen – and I am proud to say that on June 1st, 2013, I completed the program!! yay!

insanity calendar

Here is my progression through the Fit Tests that I had to complete every 15 days or so:


A couple highlights from the Insanity program:

  • First week – I considered myself pretty fit/strong (I have been strength training consistently for about a year), and let’s just say the first week still kicked my butt!
  • First month – Loved it, I could definitely see/feel my strength progression throughout the weeks. I also loved the timing – I work out in the mornings before going to work (5AM), and I loved how I could knock out my workout in around 40-45minutes, shower/get ready for work, AND still have time to make myself breakfast all from the comfort of my own home :]
  • Month 2 is…INSANE (no pun intended). I remember thinking after my fit test (o yea, I got this), then completing the MAX Interval Circuit, and feeling like I was going to pass out lol! (not gonna lie, I love the burn though :]). Just remember to stick with it, once you get past the first week of month two it get’s easier more manageable ;). It’s also worth mentioning that these workouts are about 15 minutes longer (so a total of about an hour).

After completing the program I feel the most improvement in my lower body (glutes); most likely due to the bajillion squats you do through the program lol. I can also definitely tell that my endurance has improved (also evidenced by fit test improvements). I really enjoyed the program, however, I am ready to get back to lifting weights (and lifting heavy! :]). My overall stats are as follows:

Pounds Lost: 5.2

Body Fat % lost: 3.4% (eh :/ – better than nothing I guess!)


So what’s next for me?? I really want to build more muscle tone. I found Insanity great for fat loss, but I miss lifting weights…so…

I’m thinking another BeachBody program…maybe it’s time for me to get “X”treme!


MTC :]


P.S. MTC = “more to come” :]

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  1. Jimmy Chen

    It’s totally awesome watching you workout in the mornings. I know it’s a lot of hard work but you did it. I’m very proud. Good job! 🙂


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