Mission Statement

The mission of FAVfitness is to motivate and collaborate with other fitness enthusiasts and clean eating foodies, to have healthy lifestyles by incorporating fitness, nutrition and overall happiness :].

FAVfitness represents “fitness at vidam” or “fitness for life” and will include posts about the following topics:

  • Fitness – Including all types of fitness activities – weight lifting, HIIT, running, boxing, muay thai, krav maga (I believe a perk to being strong is self defense!), and much much more!
  • Nutrition – Sharing clean eating recipes, discussing new diet fads, discussing new supplements that are out there, superfoods, my “almost vegan” experience, and much much more!
  • Happiness – Sharing motivational quotes, things that make me smile :]
  • Fitness Fashion – Sharing fitness clothing that I find are not only super cute, but practical – I will be the guinea pig! :]

I believe that fitness is a LIFESTYLE.  It is so important for people to understand being healthy is from the INSIDE out.  You do not have to look like a fitness model to feel good about yourself.  What is important is that you are HEALTHY and listening to what your body needs :].

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